Complete Home Inspections Include:

  • Wind Mitigation Report
  • 4 Point Insurance Report
  • 90 Day Home Warranty

Single Family Home Inspection
0 - 2000 sq ft - $349
2001 - 3000 sq ft - $399
3001 - 4000 sq ft - $449
4000+ sq ft - Call for pricing

Townhouse Home Inspection
0 - 2000 sq ft - $299
2001 - 3000 sq ft - $349
3001 - 4000 sq ft - $399
4001+ sq ft – Call for pricing

Condo Home Inspection
0 - 2000 sq ft - $199
2001 - 3000 sq ft - $249
3001 - 4000 sq ft - $299
4001+ sq ft - Call for pricing

Insurance Reports

  • Wind Mitigation - $100
  • 4-Point - $100
  • Wind Mitigation/4-Point - $150

Termite & Pests

  • WDO Inspection (Termite)
  • Performed by 3rd Party
  • Wood Destroying Organisms - $100

Mold Sampling & Tests

  • Air Sample Test, 3 Samples - $250
  • Swab Sample Test, 1 Sample - $150
  • Additional Samples $50/each

Other Inspections

  • Seawall Inspection - $200
  • Septic Inspection - $500
  • Sewer Scope - Call for Price

Additional "Special Circumstance" Fees:

Homes 50+ years old - $25.00 Additional
Finished Detached Structures - $60.00/each
Unfinished Detached Structures - $35.00/each

Inspect Crawlspace - $20.00 Additional
Multi-Unit Properties - $100.00/Additional Unit
In-Ground Pools - $50.00 Additional

Up Front Pricing - No Surprises

Unlike most home inspection companies, we take pride in presenting our costs upfront.
We also believe our prices are highly competitive and that value and performance are just part of the job.

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Are you in the process of buying a home? Are you in need of a home inspection? Inspect The Home can help! While this can be a stressful part of buying a home, it is a necessary step in the journey of home ownership. At Inspect The Home, we understand this and with our combined experience in the construction, real estate and home inspection fields, we are confident that we can give you the important information you need to know in order to make an informed purchase.

Our inspectors are Florida State Licensed and InterNACHI Certified Home Inspectors. We leverage years of experience and specialized techniques to deliver state of the art inspection services. We take great pride and pleasure in taking this part of your journey with you.

We walk up to every inspection as if it has our name on the contract because we have been there before and we know that ALL homes have their issues and you need an understanding of these issues and their level of importance so you can make informed decisions and continue your path to owning a home.

Owning a home can be a very rewarding experience but like anything worthwhile it isn’t always easy. Our goal is to take what we have learned in over 20 years of combined experience and share it with you, so that we can make this important stage as easy and stress free as possible. We enjoy our jobs and get excited helping people with something that is so important to them.

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